Orthodontic retainers, your insurance policy as your smile ages.

We offer a choice of orthodontic retainers in our all-inclusive treatment pricing

Fixed wire retainers

  • Often fixed to the back of the front six teeth
  • May be used in combination with a clear plastic essix (tray) retainer
  • Helps keep teeth in place that are more prone to movement as you age

Removable retainers

  • When it comes to removable retainers, Dr Lim may prescribe either a Hawley plate retainer or a clear essix (tray) retainer
  • Perfect for a growing child who may be moving from one phase of orthodontics to the next

How often do I need to wear my removable retainer?

6 months

Full time wear for 6 months after your orthodontic treatment is finished.

6-12 months

Moving to night time wear for the 6 to 12 months after orthodontic treatment.

12 months onward

Wear your retainer depending on how prone your teeth are to movement (anywhere from every night, to 1-2 nights per week).