Remote monitoring

Our orthodontic app keeps you on track and in touch between visits

How does our orthodontic app work?

Take photos of your teeth at home

Our Artifical Intelligence will compare your actual tooth movement to the doctor’s prescription

Receive alerts and support should the AI pick up anything delaying your orthodontic progress

Communicate with our team through the app in- between your clinic visits

Reduce your in office visits due to only needing to come in when our app and Orthodontist request


To make sure you upload your photos correctly – please watch this short video for correct method and when taking the biting pictures make sure you curl you tongue right to the back of your mouth to make your top teeth stick out as much as possible. Thank you.

See your orthodontic progress in real time

Using our Dental Monitoring app, you’ll be able to see your orthodontic progress from start to finish, keeping you motivated to keep going.

Multiple members of the same family can download the app meaning that Mums and Dads can keep a really detailed eye on how their child’s tooth movement is progressing.