What Are Black Triangles Between Your Teeth?

Have you looked in the mirror recently, and noticed small black triangles in between your teeth when you smile? These gaps can be both a cosmetic concern and an indicator of oral health issues. 

Black triangles are triangle-shaped gaps that form between your teeth when your gum tissue doesn’t fill the space. Approximately 67% of people over 20 years old have these gaps. And they have several different causes.

How Do Braces Work?

Maintaining proper hygiene for your Invisalign and clear aligners is crucial not only for the longevity of the aligners but also for your overall oral health. Here’s a guide to the do’s and don’ts when cleaning aligners to ensure a pristine and effective orthodontic journey.

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At Donna Lim Orthodontics, we are thrilled to be able to offer our patients multiple treatment options for their orthodontic treatment. These include clear aligners, braces as well as early orthodontic treatment options for children. Our advanced wire printing option, called SureSmile, allows for more precise tooth movement during braces treatments and therefore more efficient treatment times.

5 things you need to know before getting braces

Braces continue to be the most popular choice for orthodontic treatment, effectively correcting tooth and bite misalignment to create a beautiful smile. At Donna Lim Orthodontics, there is nothing our Specialist Orthodontist Dr Donna Lim loves more than witnessing the expressions of joy on her patients’ faces as they unveil their new smile after completing their braces treatment.

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